Data sync with Firebase of a social app


Hi guys, I explain my problem.

I want that the apps syncs automatically with data stored into the db and then I have to put this data into a map as markers.
The data has to be downloaded from the db when I open the app, but it has to be checked also if the app contains into its cache that data (in order to not download the same thing twice). And I need to keep in sync with the db so that the app can download some new data stored into the db from another user that is using the app too…
I tried to explain as well as I could

Firebase has “ChildListener” and “Sync” function, what’s the difference between them?
I have tried the “ChildListener”, it returns each data as a JSON, but then if I try to add a marker for each data that the app receives, it crashes

here is the ChildListeners into the load function of the home page

  var onChildEvent = function(result) {
    console.log("Event type: " + result.type);
    console.log("Key: " + result.key);
    console.log("Value: " + JSON.stringify(result.value));

  // listen to changes in the /users path
  firebase.addChildEventListener(onChildEvent, "/posts").then(
    function(listenerWrapper) {
      var path = listenerWrapper.path;
      var listeners = listenerWrapper.listeners; 

and here there is the addMarker event

    marker.userData={index: counter};
    console.log("marker added "+counter );

Let me know if something is not clear


nobody can help me ?


I was thinking of using google place but the plugind doesn’t work… Does someone know how to let it work?


nobody can help me ??


Can you provide the stack trace error message when the app crashes?


I have fixed the crash of app, it was a problem of the map… but know I would like that the data syncs automatically, with the onChildEvent, it just downloads all the data every time from the db…


ok, I haven’t used the data sync function of firebase. I pull my data for the map from the api every time.



ok I’ve understood… but it is possible to set an Icon of a marker with an image using its URL?


That is on my to do list to figure out. I have not done it yet but it should be possible since you can do that with the web api.