Custom project structure


I use angular2-webpack-starter so my Angular code is inside src/app directory. I’ve installed nativescript-dev-webpack with changed app dir (it didn’t work otherwise), but I am unable to execute any project-related nativescript commands (like run, build, platform add) with the following error:

No project found at or above ‘/my/app/path’ and neither was a --path specified.

So I tried setting the --path to “src”, “app/src” and absolutely, but nothing worked.
I also tried with copied nativescript webpack configs and package.json to src and src/app - still without a success. How can I make nativescript work for my project structure? Thanks in advance.

Update: tns doctor does not detect any issues and nativescript works for other projects. I tried with set symbolic link from src/app to app but it also didn’t work. Am I missing something?


For anyone experiencing this issue, just add the following as top-level property to your app package.json file (i.e. before scripts):

  "nativescript": {
    "id": "",
    "tns-ios": {
      "version": "2.5.0"
    "tns-android": {
      "version": "2.5.0"

You can be using use different NativeScript version, so adjust it to your needs.