Custom Keyboard



Hello there! I’m new to nativescript, I wanted to develop custom keyboard for both android and IOS, can I achieve that using nativescript? Thanks


Do you mean a custom keyboard within your app or a keyboard extension?


Just my app will be custom keyboard just like swiftkey, touchpal and others


Swiftkey is not limited to app, it’s a keyboard extension available system wide once installed.

With NativeScript, you can easily build anything within your app and almost you have examples for every use case. It’s also possible to build app extensions with NativeScript (Keyboard, Widget etc.,), there is a blog post (old but good start) here.

But very few developers actually build extensions, so you may not find great or up to date examples on this topic. So it might be hard for you as newbie. If you have budget, there is enterprise support and community experts from whom you can get anything.


Therefore, I’m at a right place to develop it right??


Yes, I believe you are.


Ok thank you so much, I will look the tutorials and try to implement my idea. And I will ask here whenever I face a problem


hey manojcoder I had post about guidance on how to start developing custom keyboard that I asked you here once, please can you comment on it and give me some directions. Thank you so much