Custom IOS Plugins (Using Cocoa Pods)


Hey everybody,

I’m trying to get started developing a few iOS plugins based of of Cocoa Pods (the first one being for the square card reader).

I have a working version of the seed plugin example, but the documentation doesn’t show how to interact with any 3rd party libraries, just the native iOS commands (ie NSBundle).

I have a typescript/js background, but limited iOS experience.

I’ve looked over the documentation and couldn’t find anything that made sense from the Cocoa Pods perspective.

I’ve also seen, but the documentation is links straight to square’s, so I have no idea how to use it (although it is made by @wwwalkerrun, so maybe it works?).

Anything from a youtube video of someone making and explaining how to use a cocoa pod library, an explanation, or even a sample plugin would help.



Hi @fchack93 - I cover a lot of details in this course:
Since the process is rather detailed, it’s hard to reiterate in a post answer.
There’s some other resources like this:
Which also covers some CocoaPod integration but the egghead course is more detailed.

There’s nothing implemented here: - it was a placeholder on a TODO list of mine for when I can get to it. Excited to build that but have not had the time thus far. Exciting you may try the integration. Feel free to create a new plugin for that using this seed:
To set things up for yourself. If you got it going, I would delete my repo since it would no longer be needed :slight_smile: