Custom Fonts problems on iOS



yeah i know, this is another thread on fonts, but trust me, i’ve been looking everywhere.

i’m having troubles displaying custom fonts on iOS using tns-core-modules 3.3.0 and tns-ios 3.3.0.
everything was working fine until upgrade to 3.3.0, i know there where a mass refactor for fonts (the font-weight property on iOS was not working correctly), but now i just don’t know what else i need to do to make it work again.

the following fonts are installed on my app:


this CSS stopped working:

.application-item-title {
  font-size: 17;
  font-family: 'DINPro-CondensedMedium';
  color: #565658;

i know that DINPro-CondensedMedium font is loaded in XCode (im printing out all available fonts) and that DINPro-CondensedMedium is the correct name for using on iOS and if i wanted to use on ObjectiveC/Swift the name that i should use is DINPro-CondensedMedium.

Font Book gives me the following info:


now something that it actually works is with the DINPro-Bold.otf font

this works fine:

.header-title {
  color: #fdfeff;
  font-family: "DIN Pro";
  font-weight: bold;
  font-size: 16;
  horizontal-align: center;
  vertical-align: center;

but this not work anymore:

.header-title {
  color: #fdfeff;
  font-family: "DINPro-Bold";
  font-size: 16;
  horizontal-align: center;
  vertical-align: center;

what do i need to do for displaying DINPro-CondensedMedium font again? and make it compatible for both platforms iOS and android.


just as a quick solution (i don’t now if is the best)
ended up renaming the Font Family attribute for all fonts with Font Forge app.