Custom bottom bar advice please?


I am using vanilla {N}, my problem is that I could not use default tabview cuz I have a map view(thank you @Eddy , wonderful plugin! ) in one of the tab item view, even more, I may need to use drawer view (the Free plugin provided by Telerik ), I found there are too many swipe events going on at same time, it is not working well together ~

So I made my custom bottom navigation bar using grid layout, so here comes new questions ,
I want this navigation bar works like tabview built in {N}, so I don’t have to open a new window/page every time user click an item (user could feel very weird this way , right ?) , is it possible ? I know I could dynamically change/load my content/view every time user click an item , but it is not as performant as the default tabview , is it correct ?

Any advice would be really appreciated !


anyone please , any advice would be really appreciated ?


Never mind , I managed to work something out~


is possible to share


is possible to share your work out here


@michaelsowah Nothing fancy, just a grid layout to split the window into two sections, upper section is just place holder for dynamic content/view, lower one simulate the navigation bar, each time use click on a navigation item, I load a new custom component, hide/remove the current one ~ quite straight forward

P.S. this is my way of stimulating the tabview, it works for me, but I have no idea if this is the correct way or not


@sine11 thank you for sharing


@michaelsowah no problem , i found that removing current displayed component before add new one raise app performance concerns on Android platform , so i just hide it instead of removing from parent view/layout , it is working better ~
i even tried to give fade in /fade out effect when hide/show component , it is working good for me ~


just let you know , i found a potential problem of this implementation on Android (not sure about iOS), when the app brought from background to front , dynamically loaded custom component is not showing/gone (failed to restore the state), i am guessing the custom component is unloaded when the app enters background mode ? i have not got time to look into this ~ i will keep you noticed if i found something ! it not gonna happen very soon though ~


Hi thanks @sine11 I am interested in your solution


@bismert glad to here that
found it is working fine , and totally customizable ~