CSS Combination doesn't work for padding-right


I’m trying to do the following css combination but it doesn’t work.

ActionItem Label{
padding-right: 16dp;

However, it seems to work for font-size and some other properties but not for padding-right. Why is that?

Btw.: it works if I put it into a style-attribute inside the Label-Tag.


I guess ‘ActionItem’ has a special platform specific meaning/context or represents a specific object on the platform itself that cannot be styled.

The good news is, if you have a Label inside the ActionItem, you can assign a class to the Label and just style using the class.


Thanks for the reply. It works this way for properties like color or font-size. What is the reason that padding-right doesn‘t work?


By design you can’t control padding of ActionItems like other components. You have to do it via theming in Android or by customizing action item with your own layouts / labels.


What do you mean by theming?


I meant Android Themes not NativeScript one which is again CSS.