Creating apps for ios10


Just wondering abut the compatibility of nativescript apps with ios10. Is it even possible to create something that will happily install on backdated phones?


May I know in what reference you are saying it’s iOS 10? The official notes says it’s 8.2 and I’m running my apps on 9.x as minimum target with {N} v3.4.x.

More over if you refer apple’s dashboard, they claim there are only 5% of devices that runs iOS 9 and earlier.


It’s just a guess at the moment. A colleague has an ios10 phone and it doesn’t seem to install on there (when using iTunes 12.6 special app-install version). It may be nothing to do with the version of ios.

The other thing is that the telephony plugin seems to have some people saying it doesn’t work with some versions of ios10.

TBH, I don’t mind if my app only works with v11 and above, but I would like to understand what’s going on, and at the moment (clearly!) I don’t!


The NativeScript run time officially supports iOS 8.2, but if you are using any plugin that uses higher end apis that is available only on latest iOS / Android versions, you have to handle it on your own or submit a request to plugin author to handle it.

iOS frequently changes apis for every release, at least a few. You will find solutions over internet to get something work on each version with conditional codes. Same applicable for Android too.


Thanks. I’m now wondering whether there’s a bundle id issue going on here. Should I set one, or is this something that nativescript does automagically?


Actually, the symptom here is that iTunes seems to install the app and then it just disappears from the phone. That’s what made me think it might be bundle id related.


Incase if you are doing this for first time, installing iOS app on device you are really going to hate your day :laughing: but you will get hands on after a couple of times :wink:

If you are using a free development profile, you must make sure your package name is unique. Until it’s not, it will keep throwing errors.

If you have a paid subscription, you can go to portal register the app id, create certificates and provisional, add your device ids to portal (in case of Development / Ad-Hoc profile) etc., then install those certificates and provisional locally for CLI to build the package for you.


I’ve got it working on my own iPhone - it’s just the colleague’s one that it’s not working on.
I have a $99 developer account - I’d forgotten that I must have registered my phone on there!


So I have this:
App ID Description:dialler

Do I put this into my project somewhere? eg. info.plist?


Refer the publishing guide that should give you enough details.