Creating all the icons/images


Just wondering what utility people here used to create all the different sizes of icons/images one needs from a high res master?


Personally I stopped using images for icons, always it’s the fonts. I use in case if I want to include selective icons from multiple font packs.

Only in case of multi colored icons / images, I use actual image. If I don’t have different sizes, I just put the high resolution one (@3x / XXXHDPI) which was mostly sufficient.


Cheers! Is there any issue with acceptance into AppStores if you don’t have all these?


Nativescript has a CLI for that, have a look at
tns resources generate

See the announcement in, “Tooling update”


As @madmas mentioned, the 4.x CLI has option to generate all different icons / splash from one high resolution one.

I was not quite sure about your requirement. My earlier post was assuming you are asking about icons / images inside app. If it’s about app icon & splash screen, yes you have to give all required dimensions at least for iOS, build may be rejected otherwise.


Ah, right - yes it’s both.