Creating adaptive icons for API 26



Did anyone managed to create adaptive icons for API 26? I’ve been reading some info online and created the adaptive icons using Image Asset Studio (in Android Studio). However, I’m not having much luck with it because I keep getting errors when I’m trying to build.

A problem occurred configuring project ':app'.
> Could not get unknown property 'outputFile' for task ':app:packageDebug' of type

From this point on, I have to delete the android platform folder in order to being able to build again. I have not modified any of the {N} default (manifest, gradle, etc) files. Just simply went through the steps in Image Asset Studio to create the icons and it spits out some XML. Never worked in Android so I’m not familiar with the ins and outs.

If you managed to implement adaptive icons, could you share some secrets on how to apply them in the {N} environment?



Hi @pentool,

Did you ever have any luck with incorporating adaptive icons in your {N} project? I want to do the same thing, but your report here about the issues your faced are making me think twice…




Just found this blog post from @bradwaynemartin:

This is the approach I will get my UX guy to take…

Thanks for the post, Brad!