Creating a sharing picture view like instagram


Hi guys, I want to create a view for sharing pictures that is like the view of instragram, in particular I want to add to my view a label that the user can use for sharing the location where he has taken the picture.

I want to add the same thing that you can see into the red cirle in the picture

Also I wouldlike to set up a view that its similar to the instragram’s one… for example as you can see the page is divided in different sectors, how can I do that?


I don’t mean to be rude but…

What’s stopping you from doing it?


What do you mean? I don’t where to start, I want a label where if someone types the name of a restaurant or of a place, it can be shown with its correct location, or if you click on the left the location icon, you will set your actual location… I don’t know if I you have understood what I mean


If you want to mimic the layout of that view you could use this:

When we had a page that had a complex listview layout we ended up using this:

On your screenshot, is the “Name Your Location” input an autocomplete?

if so you could use a combination of: and to accomplish what you need.


I have some problems with google places plugin, the app doesn’t read the require var gplaces=require("nativescript-gplaces")