Could not find emulator image


I am trying to install Nativescript and run the basic angular template with Android on Windows 7, but getting a “” error. My install log is here: Nativescript Log

Nativescript Ver - 3.0.3
Typescript - 2.2.2
Node- 6.9.2
Android APIs- 23,25,26 with images for intel and google
Android Home PATH- C:\Usersmyuser\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk
Android Images - C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\system-images

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. TNS doctor says there are no problems, but I can’t emulate the project. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Can you run Android Studio? If so, try to setup and run the emulator with it at least once (set up an empty project, wait for it to completely load, then go to Tools / AVD Manager).

That will give you an idea of the SDK / emulator configuration status and if it’s working or not.


Hi pythonDev,
I think you have something wrong in your enviroment. Check if you have an AVD (Android Virtual Device) set up and if you can start it. Its in <Android Home PATH>\AVD Manager.exe

You can also try the NativeScript Windows installer. Its the easiest way to have your dev environment set up.


Ok, I will check the Android home path. I did use the windows installer, which is how everything got setup. However, it didn’t set the Android Home path correctly. I ran into similar issues with the installer, as found here in the following github issue, which is what lead me to switch my Android_HOME from c:\program files… to c:\users\user\local… and it fixed the issue with the TNS doctor saying “Cannot find a compatible Android SDK for compilation.”


I thought that Android Studio was not a requirement for getting Nativescript working. It is quite a heavy app to install, when all you really need (I would imagine) are JRE and JDK for the latest version of Java supported by Nativescript, which gets you the SDK/AWD manager.


It’s not a requirement, but it comes handy. You can manage most things with the command line, but in my case I ended up setting some things with Android Studio.

You only need TNS CLI / Android SDK / JRE, all things which should be already set up by the installer, but I’ve found some changes were made in the Android SDK that are complicating things.

The best solution I could get to this issue was running the NS setup script / installer, then installing Android Studio, pointing all the environment variables to where AS installed its SDK, installed all the extra stuff from the SDK Manager, set up a few emulators, ran TNS doctor to check everything, and done…

You may need less steps, but I couldn’t get it working with the TS installed Android SDK.