Controlling conditional visibility of controls


So, this is a very common kind of thing - there’s a control page where, depending on the values of one control (and also the results returned from a back-end API server) the visibility of other items on the page is controlled.

I’ve done this until now by binding the page to a view model with various “visibility” variables which can change the class (and then the css makes them invisible). It might be a bit of a hack, but it works.

I’m wondering now how it should be done.

The other (related) issue I’m having is that some items on the page are pretty global in nature (eg. the login id of my app) and I don’t want to mix these things up with very localised things (eg. is the address stack visible?). I was thinking that I’d like to bind to two viewModel objects, but don’t think that’s possible.

Any good examples out there to use as a reference?