Control ActionBar from Module


Hi all,

I’m currently new to NS and I’m starting a new App. I created an authentication module with its own routes.

When I"m loading my module and navigate to the route /login (default route from my app routing module), I see an ActionBar that is in fact the ActionBar form the app.component.

If I try to add something to my login.component.html, nothing works. And if I modify the code in the login.component.ts I can modify the title or hide the actionbar.

Does anyone can tell me why I cannot control the actionbar via the template file ?

I created a simple app from angular template. It’s ships with item mangement by default and when I’m custmoizing the actionbar from the item templat it works, but not from the template in my module.

Maybe it’s related to the fact it’s a module and it is loaded in the app view ?

You can find the code here :

Thank you


Always your latest ActionBar definition should take precedence, so your current template’s ActionBar should be displayed. I copied code from your repo, I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Can you give a try?

Besides, usually you don’t declare ActionBar or any other element in app.component.html along with page-router-outlet.


Hi, thanks for your example on playground. It works you’re right.
It seems my code is executed differently on my emulator.

Thank you