Console.log not showing up in terminal


Hi I’m new to NativeScript and fairly new to programming in general. I’m going through the getting started tutorials right now and have successfully setup everything but I am stuck on lesson 1.3 Debugging Apps. When I try to copy and paste the code into the app/main-page.js file I am not seeing the prompt “JS: Hello World” in the terminal like the picture in the tutorial shows. I’m not sure what is going on. This is what the terminal says,

Preparing project…
Project successfully prepared (iOS)
Successfully transferred main-page.js.
Refreshing application…
No matching processes belonging to you were found
Successfully synced application org.nativescript.HelloWorld on device FB6D0C45-E86F-4C12-B81A-F74974FB0D90.


Post what you have in your main-page.js file.


exports.pageLoaded = function() { console.log("Hello World"); };