Connectionbackend or http not provided error


Which server do we require to send and receive data from and to server. Does NS support Xampp or wamp local servers please tell me how to send and receive data from server…
Which server do i need and how to insert or retrive data from server with relationaldatabase like mysqli.
Please help me.


I think you have a lot of choice on what kind of server to use. Many of use use a BaaS provider like Kinvey or Firebase for this kind of thing.


Personally i am developing a mobile cross-platform application connected to a server in Spring Boot.
And this spring Boot server i created is connected to a Back-office in AngularJS and this Back-office is connected to a database in MySQL.

I personally would suggest you to create a local server in Spring boot, since you can easily find a guide that will guide you on how to create on enad you will achieve positive results!