Conflicting signature


Hi I have followed the instructions for building the release APK from nativescript docs but I am unable to increase the version number of the APK.

When installing a new apk over old it says conflicting signature.

Please help me out…


Conflicting signature is not a problem with versioning. Its with the certificate you used to build the app.

You must have built same or different app with same package name but with different certificate installed on your device. You must manually uninstall the one in device before you could install the new one.


Thank you for replying.
I am working on 1 project only.
I use the same keystore and same key everytime I build the APK. Is that correct?
I want that I shouldn’t uninstall the previous APK and android should install the new APK as an update over the previous without clearing data.
How can I achieve this ?
My method of installing : I copy the release APK to phone and click it.
Please help …