Conflicting info: Where should I put my iOS app icons? Into Assets folder or iOS folder?


I’m having an I-N-S-A-N-E time with the app icons and launch screens. Not sure why does it have to be such a pain, but I’m getting errors left and right.

In the documentation, there are - what it seems to me - conflicting information. Under “Publishing for iOS” (URL: it says:

“The NativeScript framework will use icons from app/App_Resources/iOS/. All files from that folder are added as resources in the generated Xcode project in platforms/ios.”

However, on the “Creating Launch Screens and App Icons” page (URL:, it describes the process where I can either directly manipulate the icons in the Assest.xcassets folder, or I can drag the Assets.xcassets folder into Xcode and generate the icons from there.

Well, that is conflicting info. On one page it says that I need to modify the resources inside the Assets.xcassets folder, the other says I have to put all my icons directly into the iOS folder.

I don’t understand which one I should follow and why? (I did try both ways but I still have errors everywhere.)


@pentool Nothing seems conflicting here, basically everything inside your iOS folder is copied into platforms/ios during compilation.

With iOS you can directly paste images inside iOS folder and access them Or a bit more optimized way Apple later introduced was using asset catalog (Assest.xcassets folder). Either of them works, you may consider using Assest.xcassets is something similar to using density specific folders in Android.


Thanks for the clarification @manojdcoder! Since this is the first time I’m doing this, I was confused about maybe one of the docs pages were “out of date”.