Compatibility for an app like uber


Hi guys,
I am planning to an app which is similar to uber using nativescript.i want understand whether it will have any performance issues from both UI and event handling.Also i want to use couple of libraries like For iOS, we use the following libraries: Braintree/Card, Braintree/DataCollector, Firebase/Core, Firebase/Messaging, Firebase/Database, GoogleMaps, and GooglePlaces.
would these libraries be supported in nativescript



Hello !

From my little experience with nativescript, it seems to be a good framework, with strong support, but still have some improvement remaining.
I had some performance issues, with the UI, especially during http requests. However, I might lack of knowledge about this point; I know it is possible to set multi-threading but didn’t try, whereas it could help to reduce UI stuttering during requests.

About the data, no particular problems, Nativescript was handling correctly if you scale the data for a mobile use.

I was pleased to see that there are plugins for almost every functionality you would need !
In my case I used Gmaps (working as well on Android than on iOS), and Firebase Messaging.
I never used braintree, but there is also a plugin available.

Moreover, this framework is growing fast, getting updates and improvements regularly.

In conclusion, from my point of view I would say yes, Nativescript could fit your needs but it depends on your requirements level :slight_smile:


HTTP requests are automatically handled in another thread as far as I know. If you run into performance issues that’s most likely a rendering issue. I’ve had similar issues but got them all fixed using ListView with async pipe. The Observable is a BehaviorSubject and I update the items array as a whole each time I fetch data. Also make sure that you do not break view recycling. See:


Thanks for the information.i have decided to go on nativescript.