Community Support Moving to Stack Overflow! 🚨


Starting on October 1st, 2018 we will be switching the NativeScript forum over to read-only mode and migrating our "official" community support to Stack Overflow.

Why are we doing this?

A couple of years ago the {N} community was considerably smaller, so we wanted to create a curated resource for free support (we were trying to move certain types of support from Slack after all!). Times have changed and we are seeing a big uptick in support via Slack, this forum, AND Stack Overflow.

We thought it would make the most sense to consolidate the help you give and focus those efforts on Stack Overflow (no fear, Slack isn’t going away!). Plus you get some free internet points by using Stack Overflow :slight_smile:.

Feel free to post on this forum until October 1st, but know that no new posts/answers will be allowed after that date.

We recommend that from today on you start using Stack Overflow for support questions. As always, if you are looking for paid support, please take a look at the offerings provided by Progress.

Special thanks to Discourse for providing this forum!



Ok That will be nice. Since stack overflow is larger.