Coding for different IOS devices


Hi *,
I’m bit confused, beacuse i’m coding some app, and all is looking ok (im using pixel independent units for example: font-size:20). All is ok, but i noticed that on Iphone 5S everything is larger than on iphonr 7 or 8. As i understand, this is beacuse Iphone has smaller resolution, and everything is bigger than on another iphones, am i right ?
This causes bugs on iphone 5 as layout is breaking and some stuff looks bad.
So i wanted to ask, is there a way to make this looking similar on every IOS device, or i have to target i5 and do tweaks only for this device, or am i wrong. ?
Thanks for any advice.


If you are looking for customizing font-size or any CSS property based on device / it’s resolution, try nativescript-platform-css plugin.


Thanks, so i’m right now why layout on different devices is bit different (resolution)?