CLI console.log not printing


I just upgraded to XCode 9 and iOS 11 and my console.log quit outputting to the terminal when running

tns run ios --emulator --watch.

Was working fine previous to updating XCode. Have not been able to get it working again.

tns debug ios --watch does output to the nativescript console, but not the terminal. Any help or suggestions would be awesome!

I am running the latest version of nativescript, xcode, node, etc.


Just got confirmed this is a issue with ios11. They should be working on it.


Is there somehwere I can track this issue?

EDIT - I found it:

EDIT - KristianDD’s workaround worked for me (see above URL)

Where is the console.log output?

I have a blog article: which will show you ways to work around this and other iOS console logging issues.

Nathanael A.