clearHistory and page transition


Navigating with page transition, if clearHistory: true is added then the transition uses a white blank background (apparently since it first clears the history and then is empty for the animation).

The result is flicker like navigation.

Is there a way to change the order of things, or, clear the history after arriving to the new navigated page?

Tested on Android.


I believe this has been addressed with so give nativescript-angular@next a spin.


No, @next isn’t doing it.
How can I just clear the history without having to navigate?


Which version did you test exactly? I haven’t tried it but if I would I’d grab one of the last entries when running npm show nativescript-angular versions --json.

If that doesn’t work you may want to comment on the issue I linked to.

Clearing without navigation? Try doing what clearHistory does:


I’ve tried few of them, including 4.3.0-rc- and 4.3.0-2017-8-17-1 which are the last ones.

How can I clear refCache which is a private class? Would this be enough: