Changing the actionbar background color also applying for the statusbar in ios


Hi All,

While I am trying to change the background color of actionbar the statusbar color also changing and that is looking really awkward. I want only actionbar color to be changed and don’t want statusbar as it is.
Any suggestions .!!!



hi, have you tried this plugin to manage your statusbar:

I haven’t used it for a while, let me know if it works for what you need


didn’t get what is barColor and barStyle .! there is no definition or purpose mentioned in the article.


you can also change your status bar background color without needing action bar or a color that is different from action bar color . here is an example

const frameModule = require("ui/frame");
const app = require("tns-core-modules/application");
var Color =  require("tns-core-modules/color").Color;

function pageLoaded(args) {
page = args.object;
if (app.ios) {
        page.backgroundSpanUnderStatusBar = false;
        let iosFrame = frameModule.topmost().ios;
        iosFrame.controller.view.window.backgroundColor = new Color("blue").ios;