Changing {N} root folder name causes build failures


I had a working app, but I wanted to change the name of the root folder. I did so, and then had build failures. I figured out that some of the paths in node-modules were invalid, so I nuked that folder and ran npm install. Still seeing the same error though:

warning: Falling back to contents of entitlements file “nativescriptmarketplacedemo.entitlements” because it was modified during the build process. Modifying the entitlements file during the build is unsupported.error: The file “nativescriptmarketplacedemo.entitlements” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.


and later: Command xcodebuild failed with exit code 65

For the plist error, it seems somewhere it’s picking up the old root folder name, but I can’t seem to find where. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


For the record, I’ve added and removed the ios platform several times


Eureka! For anyone else that comes across this, I had to change the path in my CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS under the Signing section of Build Settings.


Glad that you could find a solution. Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile: