Change to CSS and Html is not showing


Hi there,

Im running my app using tns run ios --bundle and when I make change HTML or CSS files, I get the following

File change detected. Starting incremental webpack compilation...
Webpack compilation complete. Watching for file changes.
Webpack build done!

but the UI doesn’t refresh. I have to rebuild the whole app to reflect the change

I’m using “nativescript-dev-webpack”: “^0.13.0”



What is the TypeScript version in your project?


“typescript”: “2.7.2”


That is the right version, I’ve problems with latest webpack when files names not ending with “page” I see you have “main.ns.ts” you can try renaming the file to “main.ns-page.ts”?

Does it refresh when you run without --bundle flag?


I’m doing a project that uses the schematics, so I created a shared project using “nativescript/schematics”

so I can’t run the app without --bundle flag