Change Gradle build to Maven


Do you know how one could change the android gradle build to a maven one on a nativescript project ?


I don’t think it will be a easy path. You must consider Gradle as it’s officially the build tool adopted by Android. So may I know why you would prefer Maven?


The team I work with uses Maven for many years and doesn’t know Gradle. It seems learning Gradle isn’t an option right now, and we want to understand the build if possible so we can modify it if necessary.
As we have 3 NativeScript projects in development currently, if the steps are reproducible from one to another project, moving to Maven would be great even if the path is hard.


I guess converting Gradle to Maven will be a huge effort than learning Gradle at least until you find some Gradle expert and budget.

If you are using CI, you might be able to add your gradle build for NativeScript as a separate task in the job and continue using Maven for other purposes.