Change font family globally for angular app



I want to change my default app font with Roboto font.
Is there any option to do that globally, not page by page?


It’s matter of CSS selector, if you want the whole app to follow one particular font just place a wild card selector in app.css

* {
 font-family: Your font-family;


Sometimes the simple solution is the hardest one to think of :smiley:


This doesn’t work for me I’m afraid.


If you have it in app.css it should work.


I’m using Nativescript with Angular and SCSS but don’t seem to have an app.scss or app.css file.

I have the following though, none of which work when using the asterisk selector:

  • app.common.scss
  • app.ios.scss
  • app.component.scss
  • app.component.ios.scss


Put it in common scss.


I’ve tried this but it still doesn’t work for some reason.


Just make sure none of your CSS rules overrides this wildcard selector.