Care template NG to Vanilla



How can I accomplish this in vanilla {N} ??


It’s all about layouts and styling, it will be same no matter you do it with JavaScript / TypeScript / Angular or may be even Vue.

You will have to choose right layout first to arrange items in horizontal orientation. Mostly you may use Grid or Flex / Wrap if you want to show items in 2 lines when device width is not enough.

You can use nativescript-ui-gauge or nativescript-animated-circle to build something similar in your mockup.


Thanks!! I didn’t know nativescript-animated-circle I’m gonna try it, the important is to put some icon or text inside of…

EDIT: it Has the text option!!! WOW!!


I think that plugin is just for TS… not working in vanilla =(


Come on man, TypeScript is just a superset of JavaScript end of the day compiler produces only JavaScript which runs whole app.


yeah, but I don’t know how to convert it to js, or use ts in a js nativecsript app


Use tsc compiler or the online tool