Can't see Trace and Console.log output in cmd with iOS Emulator


Hey guys,

I am using Nativescript 4.1 and ios to 4.1.1.

When I start my app on iOS I cannot see any outputs in my cmd. Everything works fine with Android.

I tried tns run ios --debug also, still can’t see a thing…

Any ideas on that?


What editor are you using?
There is a great Plugin for Visual Studio Code showing you all outputs etc. directly in the editor (integrated terminal).


I’m using visual studio code :slight_smile:

Which plugin do you mean?


It’s called “NativeScript” :grinning:
you can display a debug console, terminal and output at the bottom of the editor


I’ve installed the Nativescript extension and started it with the debugger. Still can’t see any output :frowning:
Any other ideas?