Can't run emulator - first app


I am starting my learning
but can’t run the first ‘hello’ native app

C:\Users\paulo\crossCommunicator>nativescript doctor
NOTE: You can develop for iOS only on Mac OS X systems.
To be able to work with iOS devices and projects, you need Mac OS X Mavericks or later.

Your components are up-to-date.

No issues were detected.

C:\Users\paulo\crossCommunicator>nativescript --version
C:\Users\paulo\crossCommunicator>nativescript run android --emulator
Skipping prepare.
Searching for devices...
Could not find an emulator image or identifier to run your project. Please run: "tns device <platform> --available-devices"
# run android

installed android studio with 6.0 marshmallow


Type on your console the following command : android
If it asks for you to install any packages go for it
If it says install packages(4) or (3) you install them all.
Also install these options:

After that go to the top of the android SDK Manager and go to :
and Manage ADV's. Make sure you create your emulator and start it.
Then try to run the following command: tns run android


Please note that android has been deprecated and may no longer be available. The UI android sdk manager from the first picture should also provide similar interface to download emulator images to initiate emulators with.


Don’t have the option Manage ADVs:


Please refer to


Here don’t have nothing from that link. No tool menu


You need to have a project open in the editor to see the dropdown menu from the toolbar at the top of your screen. You know, like all the File, View, Help, etc… there’s also a Tools one.


all right. I added the project and a device. the command works now. thank you