Can't install NativeScript Sidekick



Good day.

I tried to install NativeScript Sidekick on my computer today, but setup asks me to install the NS CLI, npm and Node JS, all of which are already installed on their default locations.

When I try to proceed, the procedure fails and asks me to retry, which gives the same results over and over.

What can I do?


@TodorTotev any ideas here?


Hi @jorgehawkins,

This behavior might have different causes, but I suggest to make sure that you have installed Node.js LTS version - currently 8.11.3, and NativeScript CLI 4.1.2. The idea is that Sidekick requires particular version of the NativeScript and may complain if it is older.

I would ask you to post a screenshot of the exact message - this may help me giving you better answer. What OS are you using?