Can't get selected filepath after updating Nativescript to 3.x (file-picker plugin)



I have used nativescript-file-picker plugin to provide file attachment option.

  • Its working fine when my development environment is like followed.
    nativescript │ 3.0.3
    tns-core-modules │ 2.5.2
    tns-android │ 2.5.0

After updated Nativescript to 3.x, like followed.
nativescript │ 3.0.3
tns-core-modules │ 3.1.1
tns-android │ 3.1.1

This time Can’t able to get selected file path. But before updation i can able to get.

After i have tried with followed.

But i still facing same problem.

Thank you…

Filepicker (Will pick different types of docs from wherever location in storage(internal/external))
FilePicker dialog(maybe plugin later)

I’m the developer of that plugin as I remeber I had some problems with that so I removed from my github but it’s stil in npm.Then I worked on my own file picker with out using any native library
but As I didn’t use nativescript for months I can’t help you with updating to new Version.