Can't generate icons for iOS



I am having trouble generating the icons for iOS both with NS Sidekick and through the CLI, I always get the same error:

Invalid settings specified for the resizer.

Somehow it does not happen when generating the Android icons through Sidekick.

I know this feature is pretty recent but any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: It happens the exact same thing when trying to generate the Splash Screens, should it be of any help. Also, forgot to mention: the image is a 1024x1024 .png



cc @TodorTotev for a boost here


I am having the same problem.


It struck me that for the Splash screens, 1024x1024 isn’t valid, that’s for the icon. Try 2208x2208?


Thanks for the responses. Tried with 2208x2208 and had no luck either.

Although I tried on a brand new app and had no problem, could create both icons and splashes. Maybe it has something to do with previously existing files?