Cannot sync update from database



Hi everyone,

I am using nativescript-sqlite: “2.2.1”. Had my database file, newDB.db file in app folder.

Problem is it seems sometimes databse modify cannot be synced. For example, I change one table from 14 columns to 16 column -> save database change -> build on cloud by sidekick( in console windows, “Successfully transferred newDB.db” -> call batch insert function -> Error: table XXX has 14 columns but 16 values were supplied (code 1).

So, it seems that my modify in db are not included in cloud build.

Any idea?


Are you copying the updated database file using Sqlite.copyDatabase(“dbname.sqlite”) on launching the app ?


@vamsi, yes, that is in pageload


So the copy was successful and no errors in the log?

you may need to clear the data on uninstall, check this thread