Cannot start native emulator


There are several topics on not working emulators. I do not see any working solutions in the reactions however. I spent several days now to google and try different options. Please help.

Going back to basics, i have set up correctly, tns doctor replies:

No issues were detected.
√ Your ANDROID_HOME environment variable is set and points to correct directory.
√ Your adb from the Android SDK is correctly installed.
√ The Android SDK is installed.
√ A compatible Android SDK for compilation is found.
√ Javac is installed and is configured properly.
√ The Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed and is configured properly.
√ Local builds for iOS can be executed only on a macOS system. To build for iOS on a different operating system, you can use the NativeScript cloud infrastructure.
√ Getting NativeScript components versions information…
√ Component nativescript has 4.2.3 version and is up to date.
√ Component tns-core-modules has 4.2.0 version and is up to date.
√ Component tns-android has 4.2.0 version and is up to date.
√ Component tns-ios has 4.2.0 version and is up to date.

I ran
tns create helloworld2
cd helloworld2
tns platform android
tns run android --emulator

which returns:
Skipping node_modules folder! Use the syncAllFiles option to sync files from this folder.
Searching for devices…
Starting Android emulator with image Android_emulator_Nexus_5X_API_24
Cannot find connected devices.
Emulator start failed with: Cannot run your app in the native emulator. Increase the timeout of the operation with the --timeout option or try to restart your adb server with ‘adb kill-server’ command. Alternatively, run the Android Virtual Device manager and increase the allocated RAM for the virtual device.
To list currently connected devices and verify that the specified identifier exists, run ‘tns device’.
To list available emulator images, run ‘tns device --available-devices’.

Then I checked
C:\Users\jodik\helloworld2>tns device android --available-devices

Available emulators
│ Device Name │ Platform │ Version │ Device Identifier │ Image Identifier │ Error Help │
│ Android emulator Nexus 5X API 24 │ Android │ 7.0.0 │ │ Android_emulator_Nexus_5X_API_24 │ │

Connected devices & emulators
Searching for devices…
Cannot find connected devices. Reconnect any connected devices, verify that your system recognizes them, and run this command again.