Cannot start Android emulator after updating to TNS 3.4.1 and AS 3.0.1



I never had issues with running things on the Android emulator. Recently I upgraded the CLI and core modules to 3.4.1 and Android Studio from 3.0 to 3.0.1. I don’t know much about Android (mostly do iOS stuff), but after the upgrades something went awry and the project doesn’t seem to install/run on the emulator any more.

  1. I started with a clean build, so no Android platform was present.
  2. I added Android using tns platform add android
  3. Then I ran the project using tns run android. I don’t have physical Android devices, so I only had the emulator to use.

This is the output I’m getting in the terminal:

ADMIN$ tns run android
Searching for devices...
Starting Android emulator with image 4in_API-26_Oreo_8.0

After this the emulator opens and I get the message Guest hasn't come online in 7 seconds, retrying ADB connection. After a few seconds this message disappears from the emulator and the screen will be only black.

The terminal seems to stall, because I get no more output/messages. Ctrl+C no longer works, so I can’t even kill/stop the process. Have to close down the terminal.

Any ideas what should I do about getting this running again? (Even the basic hello-world app doesn’t run on the Android emulator.)


OS X 10.11.6 (El Crapitan)
TNS 3.4.1
Android Studio 3.0.1


It seems I was able to fix this, by opening AVD Manager in Android Studio, selecting the device, and doing a cold boot.


I would recommend using genymotion instead of android studio’s AVD


Well, thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, the money tree on my backyard has died :laughing:


I’m using the free personal edition of genymotion


In that case, it’s my mistake. I was looking at their site, but even the personal/individual edition was 136/year. I will look closer, maybe they have it hidden somewhere.

But at this point AVD seems to be working fine for me. I had to cold boot the emulators after the upgrade - which I had no clue since I’m not much of an Android person (…but learning…)


For anyone else looking here, the link for the free version is located under Resources/Fun Zone on Genymotion’s site.