Cannot namespace 'android' in windows


hi, every one.
I am building nativescript app now.
I am going to add dropdown menu plugin in my project.
I installed npm install nativescript-dropdown-menu.
but when I compiling, I met 'cannot namespace ‘android’ ’ error.
How to solve this problem?
Please let me know the solve way.



Can you paste the error here, there’s likely more context to the error. Possibly a TypeScript issue which is easily fixable, but no way to tell without the full error here. Thanks :slight_smile:


To add drop down menu,I executed follow command below.
tns plugin add nativescript-drop-down
npm install tns-platform-declarations --save-dev
tns run android.

but I met follow errors below.

node_modules/nativescript-drop-down/drop-down.d.ts(40,14): error TS2304: Cannot find name ‘UILabel’.
node_modules/nativescript-drop-down/drop-down.d.ts(41,18): error TS2503: Cannot find namespace ‘android’.
TypeScript compiler failed with exit code 1

Could you please help me?


Yea those are just TS errors. You can bypass them by setting
noEmitOnError:false in your tsconfig.json.

The typing file for that plugin needs some tweaks, I edited it myself in my
apps to not have to bypass the compiler.


in tnsconfig.json file, I did set noEmitOnError:false;
the error is disappear, but I cannot add dropdon menu in my project.


<DropDown #dd backroundColor=“red” [items]=“items” [selectedIndex]=“selectedIndex”
(selectedIndexChanged)=“onchange($event)” (opened)="onopen()"
row=“0” colSpan=“2”>

<TextField [text]=“selected” row=“1” col=“1” >


import { SelectedIndexChangedEventData } from “nativescript-drop-down”;

export class ProjectdeelComponent implements OnInit{

public selectedIndex = 1;
public items: Array<string>;
constructor(private page:Page,private router:Router){
    this.items = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
        this.items.push("data item " + i);

… …

 public onchange(args: SelectedIndexChangedEventData) {
    console.log(`Drop Down selected index changed from ${args.oldIndex} to ${args.newIndex}`);

public onopen() {
    console.log("Drop Down opened.");


Please help me!!!:relaxed:


If angular you’ll need to use registerElement() for the plugin. Check out
the check box plugin on my repo for a sample. It’s in the NS docs but I
forget where. On phone now or I’d send it. Let me know if you can’t find it.