Cannot go back after updating to NativeScript 4 (Angular)


Hi all,

I am unable to use goBack() function after updating from NativeScript 3.4 to 4.2.
Code which worked (with 3.4):

    const topmost = require("ui/frame").topmost;

I am sure somebody already bumped into this problem, I found few questions regarding this and Vanilla JS solution, but I could manage to adapt it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


It’s a major update especially on the navigation stuffs. Prior to 4.x you didn’t have to define a frame and apps used to have not more than a frame. Starting 4.x, you must have a frame for navigation and can have any number of nested frames too.

So without an example where the issue can be reproduced, it’s hard to debug.

Note: A router outlet is the equivalent of frame in Angular.