Cannot get Scrollview to work in Android


I have this layout:-

<Page xmlns="" loaded="pageLoaded" class="page">
	<ActionBar title=" " class="action-bar">
		<ActionItem ios:icon="~/images/gear32.png" ios.position="right" android.position="left" tap="onSettingsTap">
	<GridLayout rows="*,60">
		<StackLayout orientation="vertical" backgroundColor="#cccccc" width="100%">
			<Label id="leagueheader" text="" class="h1" height="50" horizontalAlignment="center" />
			<ScrollView row="0" >
				<ListView id="fixtures" items="{{ fixtures }}" height="100%" width="100%" class="listitem" marginTop="10px">
						<StackLayout orientation="horizontal" class="item" horizontalAlignment="left" id="match" class="match">
							<StackLayout id="{{ post_title }}" orientation="vertical" margin="10px">
								<GridLayout id="teams" columns="auto * *" rows="40,30,30" margin="20px" class="{{getColour ? 'exist' : 'notexist'}}" height="180">
									<Label text="{{ start }}" class="h2" row="0" col="0" marginLeft="10px" />
									<Label text="{{ post_title }}" class="h2" row="1" col="0" id="title" marginLeft="10px" />
									<Label text="{{ venue }}" class="h3" row="2" col="0" marginLeft="10px" />
		<StackLayout row="1" orientation="horizontal">
			<Button textWrap="true" width="33%" textAlignment="center" backgroundColor="#cccccc" color="#000000" div="1" tap="getDiv">
                <Span text="Division 1"></Span>
			<Button textWrap="true" width="34%" textAlignment="center" backgroundColor="#cccccc" color="#000000" div="2" tap="getDiv">
                <Span text="Division 2"></Span>
			<Button textWrap="true" width="33%" textAlignment="center" backgroundColor="#cccccc" color="#000000" div="3" tap="getDiv">
                <Span text="Division 3"></Span>

It scrolls perfectly well in iOS, but in Android I get one page of the Listview but it will not scroll to show the rest of the content.


Android can’t nest scrollable content. A ListView itself can scroll, you don’t need an extra scrollview there.


Hi, Thanks for that, had already tried it but forgotten I had created WHxxx pages for other screens and hadn’t updated them.