Cannot Bundle 3.4 Android App with CLI 4.0


I recently updated my Nativescript CLI to 4.0 so that I could run Sidekick. My project is based on the 3.4 runtimes and I do not intend to upgrade at this time. I cannot bundle my app after this upgrade.

Command: tns build android --bundle --env.aot --env.uglify
Error Message

Webpack compilation complete.
sed: no such file or directory: C:\src\xxplatforms\android\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml

I assume this is related to the new reorganization of resources in Android apps but I thought 3.4 apps would work out of the box with no changes. Am I missing something?


Hi, try running tns platform remove android and if it doesn’t work try removing the node_modules and platforms folders and then run again npm install


I’m pretty sure I did this. Unfortunately, I had to roll back to 3.4.3 so that I could continue with my project. It was initially happening in our automated build environment.