Cannot build on Android after updating SDK - Execution failed for task "APP:MergeF0DebugResources" Error: Some Number Crunching Failed


I have been gong through the tutorials and everything was working great, I was then prompted by side kick to update, and since then i have been unable to run or build for android!

Originally i was getting an error regarding the gradle build not being high enough at level 23 (i think 26 is oreo?)

So i ran the command:
tns platform remove andriod
followed by:
tns platform add android

Now when trying to run in android i get the following:

I have run tns --version and it is running 3.4.0

If anyone has any advice on how to get this to build again i would be most grafeful! for info this is running on a windows machine with android studio installed and im using the avd emulator!

If i run the same code on my mac in IOS it works a treat!

Many Thanks



Hi, I have managed to solve this issue, between updating tns and trying the rebuild one of the png files in the program assets had become corrupted and this caused the error!

I have now put a new copy of the file in place and its working again :slight_smile: Hope this helps anyone else who comes across this issue!