Cannot accept Sidekick Terms of Service on Windows 10


Hi all. I’m trying to get started with Nativescript Sidekick but can’t get past the first splash screen. I’ve been able to download and install the Sidekick app, but I’m unable to click 'Continue ’ on the Terms of Service splash screen. After clicking ‘I agree’, the Continue button lights up but behaves as if it’s still disabled. I also can’t click on the ‘Terms of Use’ link - it doesn’t seem to be an active link. Everybody at my company has the same error, I’m surprised to find no mention of it anywhere on the net. Can anybody shed some light on this or help me debug the problem?

Cannot accept Sidekick Terms of Service on Windows 7 Service Pack1

We identified a bug in this dialog and released a fixed version. Please, download the installation again from the site, make sure you are connected to internet while Sidekick runs, and it should work.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience!

Happy coding,