Can we use the nativescript-barcodescanner plugin to capture a image


Hi All,

I have a requirement to capture the image within the box(as scanner do) so, Is it possible to use this plugin to do the job for me ??
Just asking. :slight_smile:



I am not sure there is something wrapped in NativeScript, so you’ve got a great opportunity to give back to the community by making a plugin to work on both Android and ios.

Here’s what I found on the subject for Android -

Also a general note - the Tips and Tutorials category is for sharing knowledge, rather than ‘how-to’ questions.


Okay, I am sorry @Pete.K I thought it as to get a tip, suggestion like that.

About making a plugin: Obviously, that’s a great opportunity but I am just a beginner I don’t have any idea about android and ios.even I think of making my project lead will not give that much of time to do :slight_smile: