Can’t find keyplane error while using textfield in ios



Is there any problem with scroll-view in IOS .?? same code scrolling in android but not scrolling in IOS .!!

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any suggestion or tip .!!



Whats your layout look like? This should just work fine…


Hi @sitefinitysteve,

Thanks for the response. The issue has been resolved.
I have a latest issue while using textfield this issue is coming

Can’t find keyplane that supports type 5 for keyboard iPhone-Portrait-PhonePad; using 3091845359_Portrait_iPhone-Complex-Pad_Default

Here is my xml code

<TextField hint="Enter Mobile Number" text="{{ userMobileNumber }}" class="input-field" id="mobileNumber" keyboardType="number" ios:keyboardType="phone" ></TextField>


For those in a similar boat: I have started having this issue.

Getting error when using phone keyboard type on iOS when testing on device:
Can't find keyplane that supports type 5 for keyboard iPhone-Portrait-PhonePad...

There is a good discussion about it on stackoverflow:

This description there seems to make sense:

“The emulator tries to find a numeric keypad on the mac, but this is not found (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and “normal/small” keyboard do not have it). You can deselect the option Connect Hardware Keyboard or just ignore the error message, it will have no negative effect on application.”

One of the proposed solutions is to change the simulator settings:

iOS Simulator -> Hardware -> Keyboard -> Connect Hardware Keyboard

This might work for the simulator, but I’m not aware of how to apply this to testing on device, where the error continues to happen.