Can Python / Twisted be used within NativeScript?


Hi. We are very confused if NativeScript is suitable for what we want to do. Or maybe do not understand what NativeScript does at all.

We have a codebase in Python, specifically Twisted. It is peer-to-peer, so Twisted has to be included in the app itself, since it is what takes care of the asynchronous I/O and event-loops. For the graphical interface we would like to use NativeScript, and then be able to bundle it all together for distribution as an Android and iOS app.

Is this possible with NativeScript?


What exactly NativeScript does?

It has a JavaScript runtime for iOS (Objective C) and Android (Java). So you can use your existing JavaScript skills to build native mobile apps. You have direct access to almost every Objective C / Java apis, which means you can do almost anything like a native iOS / Android app.

With Python:

Personally I never integrated Python with Android. @Pete.K @NathanaelA @wwwalkerrun @Eddy If you guys have any thoughts on this kindly share when you get a moment.


Python and python libraries are incompatible with NativeScript. And even more so with Android and iOS. I don’t know of any python frameworks with bindings for iOS and Android that will allow you to do what you are asking.