Can I use non-nativescript-specific third-party plugins



Is it possible to use any third parties plugins which features are not avail in nativescript official plugins.

Like Angular-trix for angularjs-

If it is possible means how should i achieve?

Thank you for reading, looking forward to reading your responses!


Usually the answer is yes, but in this specific case, according to their GitHub account this library is for Angular 1 - which is not supported by NativeScript.


Thank you @Eddy. So it is possible to use third parties plugins, From where can i get nativescript supported third parties plugins?
And Also how shall i identify the plugin which will support to nativescript angular 2 app or not?


Here is one list of nativescript plugins.

This post explains a bit about why some npm modules will work and why some won’t in nativescript (nativescript is not a node runtime and nativescript is not a browser).