Can I use NativeScript with Replicant and Debian's Android SDK


Hello NativeScript community

I am interested in developing mobile applications and I have been having a problem with NativeScript. When trying to run the Hello World application from the tutorial, I get the error message “You need to have Android SDK 22 or later and the latest Android Support Repository installed on your system.” Running “tns doctor” shows the above message along with one stating that “The Android SDK is not installed or is not configured properly.” followed by details on how to set up the device emulator (which I do not plan to use).

I should mention that I am using the Replicant operating system (version 6.0 0003, based on Android 6.0.1) on the target device and the Debian Android SDK (which uses API 23, so within NativeScript’s range) on the development computer. The Debian Android SDK does not include the sdkmanager executable referred to on the advanced setup page for GNU+Linux so I don’t know how to install the Android Support Repository.

I understand that this configuration is probably not very commonly used by NativeScript programmers or if it is even workable to use it in this way but any help would be appreciated.

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I’m no linux expert, but it sounds like your ANDROID_HOME path is missing? Maybe this will help: