Can I styling a CategoricalAxis with CSS?


I’m using RadCartesianChart to show some statistical data. According to the docs of nativescript pro UI, there are lots of properties can be styling. For example, in this page:, there is a labelTextColor property for Axis, I want to change it to white when using dark theme.
When I use this format, the result is just what I want:
<LinearAxis tkCartesianVerticalAxis labelTextColor='white' ></LinearAxis>

But, when I use css to styling it:
<LinearAxis tkCartesianVerticalAxis style="label-text-color: white;" ></LinearAxis>

The label text color of LinearAxis doesn’t change to white at all. Can I styling it with CSS? Where can I find the corresponding css tag for every properties?


Those properties seem to be XML properties. not CSS properties.


hey Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,