Can I implement popover like functionality


Hello everyone, I am a newbie here! I fallen in love with nativescript since last week and can’t stop testing it and playing around with the examples. I have to say thank you Progress team for giving us this amazing platform.

I am working on designing a tablet application, can I achieve a popover functionality (simple numberpad) in nativescript like the one in the attached picture? where this popover will be animated in beside the button that called it.


I would really appreciate any input on this.


You could emulate the behavior of a modal numberpad similar to the one on the screenshot using AbsoluteLayout and a GridLayout inside, while taking care to manually dim/blur the background, and attach tap listeners on the empty background to dismiss/confirm the input from the dialog.

Check out the following article to help you understand how to combine elements to make a custom view.


Thanks @triniwiz for supporting popover in both Android and iOS with this awesome plugin

now I need to figure out how to add the arrow and shadow for the popover on the Android part.